We are a digital product studio based in Old Street, London.

Currently looking for C++ programmers, apply at jobs@flavourworks.co.uk

“This could wake up the whole industry.”

Fumito Ueda, genDESIGN

“In the history of Interactive entertainment there has been important milestones, what Flavourworks is working on will be considered a monumental Milestone.”

Peter Molyneux, 22cans

“I've not seen a game like that for quite some time… I just thought it was something incredibly special. I think it's gonna surprise a lot of people.”

Simon Byron, One Life Left

"Flavourworks has an ambitious new take on visual storytelling and I cannot wait to experience what they're creating!”

Sean Vanaman, Camp Santo

“Simple and brilliant, I loved it. I think it could trail blaze a whole new genre of gaming. I wait with bated breath!”

Mark Healey, Media Molecule

“Very rare that I get to play someone's WiP build... But yeah... Jeeeeeeez is a chap you're not paying attention to yet going to win 2016.”

Mike Bithell, Bithell Games

"As soon as I saw their ideas fleshed out in software, I knew Flavourworks were onto something real. Game developers have always looked for ways to push interactivity into other entertainment mediums and Flavourworks have found a way. I think they are at the beginning of something very interesting."

Barry Meade, Fireproof Studios